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Tips To Design Your Business Site For Success

Nowadays, having a good online presence is really vital for almost any business, including the brick and mortar stores, which don’t offer eCommerce businesses. Studies have proved that approximately 90% of people often search for online businesses locally while around 94% B2B buyers look for the online businesses first. With the availability of different types of tools and website builder for small business, now it is not that tough to create or design websites for business. All you have to do is to keep the basic principles into consideration.

1. Design mobile responsive website:

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile responsive websites these days, more and more people choose to shop online using their cell phones. Besides, a number of people use their Smartphones to visit different online stores for checking reviews and for comparing the rates of different products or services. And therefore, a large number of shoppers change their brands immediately in case they face bad experience with the mobile website. Therefore, if you are planning to design your business website to make your business successful, then you should cater to the mobile users first.

You must prefer to break the mold through web design and web development courses, but navigating the website is not the place to think forward. So, while designing a website, keep it in mind that you must not send the visitors on the wild goose hunt. Also, remember that a website with solid navigation is really helpful for the search engines to index the contents while enhancing the experience of the viewers. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your website is easily navigated:

  • Place the menu on top of the website and structure the menu as per the importance of the sections
  • Link the logo to the homepage of the website
  • Opt for vertical navigation by placing an anchor menu
  • Include the important links in the footer of the website.
  • Keep all the necessary contents above the fold so that the visitors can understand your site easily

2. Place the contact details above the fold:

In case you own an online business where people need to call you for some purpose, then you must place the information in such a place from where it can be found easily. And nothing can be a better place than above the fold in the homepage. Besides, if you are planning to use the social media platforms to connect with your clients, then you must put the links in the footer or header, where the links can be found easily.

3. Keep the pages of your website uncluttered:

While visiting a website, the visitors should be able to put the details in context. So, if your website includes too many details, this will overload the mind of the visitors and therefore it will be impossible for them to retain new information. So, while designing the web pages, make sure that you create a balance between the graphics and text used to have clean pages.

4. Only include accurate details:

Before designing a website, keep it in mind that adding inaccurate details to your website can actually turn off your clients or potential clients. So, before each of the web pages go live, proofread thoroughly and also check each page periodically after making the updates.

5. Add Call To Action:

Every webpage of your site must entice the visitors of your website to do something like the call, purchase any product or service, sign up for any specific service, download something etc. So, you must add a clear invitation to do it through a link, a button or through a clear verbiage. Keep this thing above the fold so that the visitors to the website don’t have to scroll through the entire site to find the “Call to Action” section.

Simple design of websites is capable of attracting more and more visitors. So, while designing your website, limit the use of colors, animated gifs, fonts etc. These things often distract the visitors while pulling away their eyes from the main focus of the website. Bullet points and short paragraphs are two important things that make the contents more scannable and easily readable.

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