Folding Beds

Young people of urban areas generally inhabit smaller spaces due to high population index per capita. Most urban residences for adult youths feature one bedroom homes or studio apartments. The trick is to utilise the most of the sparse space that one gets in one’s home. Therefore, the contemporary trend is to buy furniture and other essential home decor items which help to save space. Listed below are a few benefits of folding beds which makes them a perfect choice for small space furniture.

  • Conserves a lot of space: One of the fundamental reasons to purchase folding beds or Murphy beds is to have greater open space. They can be stowed away in a few minutes due to their folding properties such as extendable legs and flexible springs and stored in a cupboard or a wardrobe. Therefore much of the vertical space of the walls and horizontal space of the floor up to thirty-five square feet becomes available for other activities. Modern-day adults who stay in nuclear families or alone by themselves in small apartments will benefit the most from this particular feature.
  • Sophisticated designs to fit your interior decor: Young people prefer subtle and tasteful furniture designs. Customised folding beds feature a number of aesthetic designs such as beds made of hardwoods like cherry or mahogany in traditional forms or lightwood beds that at par with contemporary trends. Shelves can be added to the side of the bed to keep fancy showpieces or to create a mini library. The shelves will conceal the bed in the daytime and can be pulled apart to reveal a customised king sized bed. Interior designers are now adding several additional decors such as cord lighting or sliding doors to the beds. You can buy sofa cum beds online due to a greater range of choices available.
  • Creates multi-functional space: With folding beds, you can use the room for multiple purposes. For example, if the bed has a desk attached to its bottom, the desk can be used for business purposes when the bed is flipped up and stored against the wall. Moreover, having a folding bed in the house means that your work-from-home office can be transformed into a bedroom within a few seconds.
  • Provides comfortable sleep and rest: The space saving folding beds come with a variety of mattresses ranging from spring mattresses or coil mattresses to memory foam ones. The queen and twin sized folding beds are particularly quite popular among young homeowners. The beds can also be folded to form sofas or chairs depending on their size. Modern folding beds can also be used as sofa designs for drawing room.
  • Portable and pocket-friendly: Most young people have to stay as paying guests or tenants and might have to shift apartments frequently. The box spring frame of the bed attached with wheels makes it easy to be folded, transported and reassembled. Therefore, it saves on freight charges when one is moving out.

These are the major advantages of folding beds that makes them perfectly suited to modern urban lives of young people in the present times. As the aim of urban living is to have maximum luxury within a fixed economy in a restrained space, folding beds with their judicious use of space along with additional units for multipurpose-storage are increasingly in demand.

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