Bira91 Unlisted Shares

Are you looking to invest in the booming craft beer industry? Consider Bira91 unlisted shares and stay updated on the Bira share price. The prospect of acquiring unlisted shares of Bira91 has captured the attention of both seasoned investors and those exploring new avenues. Evaluating the potential benefits of such an investment demands a comprehensive understanding. By examining these insights, investors can gain valuable information to make informed decisions regarding Bira91 unlisted shares. This blog will explore the benefits of investing in Bira91 unlisted shares and why it could be a smart move for your investment portfolio.

An Overview Of Bira91

Bira91, a distinguished Indian craft beer label, is the creation of B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd., introduced to the market in 2015. The inaugural brewery establishment was in Belgium’s Flanders region, employing a craft distillery for contracted beer production. Premium ingredients sourced from France, Belgium, the Himalayas, and Bavarian Farms were used, and the beer was subsequently imported to India. Following a promising start, the company transitioned to domestic production in India, maintaining the same superior ingredients.

Performance Of Bira91 Unlisted Shares

In 2022, Bira91 unlisted shares exhibited notable financial metrics, reflecting its position in the market. With a face value per share of 10.0 and a book value per share of -57.1, the company’s Price to Earnings (PE) ratio stood at -4.4, while the Price/Sales ratio was 2.4 and the Price/Book ratio was -12.3. The company possessed 25.0 million outstanding shares, resulting in a market capitalization of Rs. 17500.0 million, a testament to its presence.

Despite facing a tumultuous business environment, Bira91 managed its financial structure well, showcasing a Debt/Equity ratio of -4.3. Notably, the company abstained from offering dividends, with a 0.0 dividend per share and a 0.0% dividend yield (on CMP). Bira91’s performance metrics included a Return on Total Assets of -54.2%, a remarkable Return on Equity of 177.7%, and a Return on Working Capital (ROWC) of 53.0%. Bira91 unlisted share price today is Rs 670, which is predicted to be higher in the future. 

Esteemed in the brewing industry, Bira91 was honoured with the Asian Beer Challenge Award 2020, highlighting its commitment to quality and innovation. Generating substantial revenue, Bira91 attained Rs. 457 Cr in beer sales 2020, securing a spot among the top 25 global craft beer brands. Despite facing challenges due to the pandemic, the company displayed resilience, recording a total revenue of Rs. 462.8 Cr in FY2122. This upward trajectory indicates Bira91’s potential for high returns, positioning it as an attractive investment opportunity. 

Reasons For Investing In Bira91 Grey Market

Investing in Bira91 unlisted shares can offer significant financial opportunities due to the following factors:

Strong Revenue Growth

Bira91, a prominent player in the craft beer industry, recorded substantial revenue growth of INR 7,265 million in 2022, highlighting its strong market presence.

Global Expansion

Bira91 has expanded its reach to international markets such as the UK, USA, UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, showcasing its global growth and brand recognition potential.

Leadership Position

Being among the top 25 craft beer brands globally by sales volume and the fastest-growing brand, Bira91 holds a leadership position in the industry, which can lead to enhanced profitability.

Positive Industry Outlook

According to recent reports, the craft beer market is projected to grow at an 11% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, indicating a favourable market environment that can contribute to the growth of Bira91’s business.

Upcoming IPO 

Bira 91 Is about to become a public business as it is preparing for its initial public offering (IPO). According to regulatory papers, the firm has become a public corporation and rebranded itself B9 Beverages Limited.

Strategic Partnerships

Bira91’s strategic partnership with major sporting events like the ICC ODI World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, and ICC World Test Championship enhances its brand visibility and consumer engagement.

Positive Return on Equity (ROE)

Bira91 has demonstrated a remarkable Return on Equity (ROE), reflecting the company’s ability to generate returns for its shareholders.

What Is The Risk Of Buying Bira91 Unlisted Shares?

If you look at the premise of investing in unlisted shares, you will notice that it is done primarily to take advantage of the IPO market. And, if Bira91 IPO plans are delayed owing to market conditions or any other cause, interest in the market reduces dramatically. The unlisted market is based primarily on demand and supply, and obtaining an exit would only be possible with IPO news.

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Investing in Bira91 unlisted shares can offer promising returns due to the brand’s popularity and growth potential. Such investments carry big opportunities for getting good profits in future. For expert guidance on navigating such opportunities, consider exploring Stockify as a reliable platform for informed investment decisions. Speak to an expert broker today. 

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