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A gold ring has come a long way and has seen numerous changes in trends and designs which were brought in to signify either an occasion or a meaningful gesture towards someone important in one’s life. In India, while the trend of having a lavish and elaborate spread of gold jewellery is still on there are many of those who would like to keep it simple yet maintain the aesthetics of the occasion where gold jewellery is used or gifted. The jewellery we are talking about here are the gold ring designs which changed drastically over thousands of years since they came into existence.

Back in the days rings were used by kings and high priests to signify power and descendance. They were usually passed down from generation to generation and closely guarded within families itself. This trend however has changed with the both kings and common people resorting to newer designs and metals to forge their rings to hold much most subtle meaning when they were gifted down to their generations. For example, a wedding or engagement band, class ring which is usually given to students at their graduation, championship rings for winners of a category in sports or doctoral rings which is usually given to scholars who specialize in a particular field of study.

In India some of the main occasions during which a ring is mainly purchased or gifted is during marriages and engagement and other rings usually fall under other subtle but meaningful events like toe and thumb rings, purity rings, birthstone rings, and anniversary rings.

Change In Taste: Talking about today’s trends in gold ring designs, todays generations have moved over to much more delicate and minimalistic models for the gold rings they wear. The yester years had seen huge stone gilded in them which now days are considered too heavy to adorn one’s self with hence the shift to much lighter and delicate designs

A Sign Of Love And Loyalty: Todays men and women have started looking to add are more meaning to whatever they do in their lives and it is the same when it comes to their jewellery. Men use rings like eternity or fede bands to signify their live for the woman in their lives. The eternity band to signify their never-ending love and fede band signifies the loyalty they share in their relationship for ever. Both these bands are delicate in their make wherein the eternity band comes made in previous metal like gold or platinum with a series of cemeterial cut precious stones like diamonds. The Fede band also comes in a precious metal of one’s choice and the design comprise of two hands clasped together which represents loyalty.

Religious or Non-Religious: Gone are the days when people had to wait for days for the gold smith to forge a beautiful piece of artwork and deliver a ring. Technology has advanced so much these days, that you just have to give your jeweller a design or tell what you desire and they are able to make your hearts desires into reality in no time. Be it religious deities on rings for religious sentiments or occasions or non-religious rings with flowers or abstract designs, you name it and it will be made to perfection and delivered. Now days you can find a variety of these rings in the diamond jewellery category as well. The choices available are unlimited and elaborate.

For Positive Energy, Luck or Just a Symbol: Like discussed above apart from the necklaces and other jewellery that people wear, rings also have come to stand for some significance. People use rings studded with precious and semi-precious stones to attract positive energy and prosperity and good luck in their lives. Another way, women especially in India wear rings on their toes, as a symbol of being a married woman. This is worn in addition to the mangalsutra or wedding ring. Apart from being a symbol of a married woman, toe rings are used as an age-old tradition to maintain good health and fertility.

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