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One of the rooms in a house that has the biggest impact on the wellbeing of the occupants is the kitchen. It is that part of the house where there are constantly activities going on. One of the main sources of energy is thought to be the food that we prepare in the kitchen. Because of this, Vaasthu Shastra has established specific recommendations with regard to the design of the kitchen in order to preserve a balance of good energy. Regarding the orientation of the kitchen, one can lead a happy and healthy life by adhering to these straightforward suggestions.

Below given are some of the vastu tips for the kitchen

Ø  An ideal direction of the kitchen has to be in the South-East corner of the building or a flat. The kitchen should not be built over or under a puja room. It should never be placed facing the toilet as this could result in disputes among family members.

Ø  The kitchen platform should be in the east or south-east corner of the house or an apartment.

Ø  The ideal place for a stove or a gas burner has to be in the south-east direction a few inches away from the wall.

Ø  In any circumstances, the kitchen should not be placed facing the main door of a home or a flat. This could result in unexpected expenditures and money going out.

Ø  Never build a kitchen on the north side of the house, since this place is considered to be the place of “Kubera” or the god of wealth.

Ø  Always face the east direction while cooking food in the kitchen as this symbolises the well-being of the occupants.

Ø  It’s always better to have an L-shaped platform in the kitchen for keeping all electrical appliances like mixer grinders and microwaves. This is considered  auspicious.

Ø  Always place the sink in the north-east corner of the kitchen. Other appliances like water purifiers should also be placed in the same direction.

Ø  According to Vastu Shastra never place a sink next to a stove or a gas burner as this may lead to property and family disputes.

Ø  Always keep your kitchen well ventilated as this will eliminate all pungent and unwanted odour. Place single or double windows or have provision for air vents in east and west directions. Placing an exhaust fan in the east or west direction should prove to be an effective option.

Ø  The best direction to place a refrigerator has to be south-east, south-west or north directions. Placing a refrigerator in the north-east direction should be avoided.

Ø  Always store your groceries like rice, dal, pulses, and other cereals in the southern or western walls.

Ø  The flooring of the kitchen has to preferably be ceramic or granite since they are durable, scratch-proof and long- lasting.

Ø  Always have the walls painted in sunshine yellow, orange, beige or light red. Avoid dark colours like black as this may make your kitchen look dark and dingy.

Ø  Always make it a point to clean the kitchen on a regular basis. Do not keep any unclean utensils overnight as this may attract flies and insects.

To summarise, a kitchen is not merely a place to cook, but also an area that helps in balancing the energy. Hope these tips will benefit you in the long run.

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