Vastu for Number of Doors

Doors and windows are the gateways to your house while being the first thing your guests encounter and admire when they visit your house. An essential furnishing for the house, doors, and windows also facilitate privacy & security while providing an added level of comfort as well. Furthermore, they play a major role in keeping out unwanted pests & weather elements while keeping potential intruders at bay as well.

For all the positivity and happiness to flow, a Vastu compliant house is often termed as a magnet. Vastu science is the method of using the best direction, structure and placement while constructing a house or a workplace. We all know that the Main Door of a house is one of the focal points where people pay keen attention while buying, constructing or renting a house. But do you know that not just direction, but the number of doors and windows are equally important to attract prosperity in the house. Following the correct Vastu principles for Doors helps to attract happiness and good luck.

When it comes to doors and windows, UPVC windows are gaining utmost popularity when compared to conventional wooden windows. When the energy in the house is flowing freely and positively, a house can become a happy magnet. As we all know we are bound by an invisible energy called ‘Cosmic Energy’. The energy needs a definite path to flow and any obstruction due to wrong position, direction, or placement can lead to adverse results. Vastu principles for doors help to increase positive energy in the home. When it comes to positive energy, doors and windows are not just the passage, but also are the inlets and the outlets for energies. Hence, before constructing a home placing the exact number of windows and doors as per the principles of Vastu is very important for a happy and progressive life.

Here are some of the Vastu tips for doors and windows that one need to follow:

  • Always try to have more doors and windows in the North or East direction.
  • It is essential to follow  proper ventilation while constructing doors and windows.
  • The doors and windows should be properly located  opposite to each other for better light and air flow.
  • Doors and windows should be in even numbers like 2,4,6,8 etc. Additionally, also ensure it stays in multiples of 8.
  • If you have a south facing house, then have doors and windows in the North direction.
  • North facing house should have north facing doors.
  • East facing house should have an east facing door so the main door should fall towards the northern half or the side.
  • Doors should be at the corners of the wall, never in the centre of a wall.
  • South and South-West facing houses should have entrances at that side. Use the North or North-East corner for entrance in such houses.
  • Doors should be adorned with auspicious and decorative items like Ganesha, Om, or Swastik to welcome positivity.
  • Always opt for teak wood for doors and windows as it’s undoubtedly the best material used.
  • Similarly, while choosing windows, the windows in the North wall should be more inclined towards the North-East while also being long and wide. This enables the air and essential morning light to filter through without obstructions and circulate within the house.
  • Windows pointing towards the South-West direction should be avoided at any cost as the harmful, hot & penetrative ultraviolet rays of the sunlight are projected maximum in this direction. Hence, having fewer openings in this direction is advisable.
  • One should avoid having automated doors at all costs. According to Vastu, automated doors are said to affect the health of the children.


By following the above Vastu tips for doors and windows, one can find positive energy flow in the home which is beneficial for good health, happiness, and prosperity. You can also speak to us about the use and benefits of UPVC doors and windows as we are one of the leading suppliers of UPVC windows in Bangalore.

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